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10 entertaining parlor games that won’t cost you too much

By: :LiYu Zhang 0 comments
10 entertaining parlor games that won’t cost you too much

Part 2


Spoons and Eggs

Relay race games are fun and can get the crowd on edge! For an entertaining and exciting, all you need are plastic spoons and eggs. To play this game, group the players into two and have them lined up. They have to walk a few meters while holding a spoon that has an egg in it. They have to go back to their team and relay the egg to the next player’s spoon. 
They have to complete the race without breaking or cracking the eggs. Otherwise, they have to repeat their turns. Whoever’s team finishes first wins the game. 
Oh, and just make sure that you have a couple of spare eggs with you. 


Limbo or “how low can you go” is also a fun game to play. Just prepare a bar and two persons who will have to lower the bar after every round. Whoever can “limbo lower” will be the winner of the game. Even the adults can play and dance to the limbo rock!

The Boat is Sinking 

If there are many guests to entertain, then the Boat is Sinking is definitely the game. It’s very easy to play, and you don’t even have to spend anything to play the game.  
Ask the kids to gather around in the center. You just have to shout, “the boat is sinking, group yourselves into,” followed by a specific number. And the kids should group themselves according to the number you shouted. Whoever ends without a group is eliminated. 

Pass the Message

Similar to the spoons and eggs, pass the message is also a relay race game. All you have to do is group the kids into two and have them lined up. Ask the first players of each group to whisper a sentence to their teammates. The next players should whisper what they think they heard. This goes on until the message reaches the last person. Whoever finishes first and says the message more accurately is the winning team.  


After playing the coolest and most entertaining parlor games, you definitely want to save the best for last. And if you haven’t yet attended a birthday party that has a piñata in it, then you’ve missed out on the fun. 
To play the game, a piñata, which is a decorated container made out of papier-mâché is filled with toys, goodies, coins, candies, and chocolates. The kids should line up and blindfolded as they take turns hitting the piñata with a piece of wood or baseball bat. And once they hit the piñata, the kids should scramble as fast as they could to try to get as many goodies as they can. 
If you can’t find a papier-mâché container, you can opt for a clay pot instead. Just make sure that adults are supervising the area as there may be shattered shards lying around. 
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