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10 entertaining parlor games that won’t cost you too much

By: :LiYu Zhang 0 comments
10 entertaining parlor games that won’t cost you too much

Part 1 

When preparing for your kid’s birthday parties, it is no question that every parent wants to throw the most memorable and awesome one. And although it’s just one day, it might take some time to prepare it. But remember that you do not need to spend too much when preparing for your kid’s birthday parties. The key to hosting the best and unforgettable birthday party is to budget wisely. Grab a pen and a piece of paper to jot down everything that you need to get settled for your kid’s birthday party. It’s also an important note to be detailed when coming up with your budget plan. 
But if you plan to restrict your kid’s birthday parties' expenses, you may think it is possible to pull off an awesome birthday party. Well, the answer to that is a big yes! You can still make a birthday party memorable on a tight budget. One way to do that is to make it exciting and engaging as you can by hosting the best games.
Here are 10 entertaining parlor games you can host for your kid’s birthday party, and it won’t even cost you too much!

Longest Breath

When starting the party, you want the kids and some of the guests to warm up. It’s better to start with simpler games. You can also look for games that are like ice breakers. And the longest breath is just that. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t require much energy from the kids, but it will get them kicking and ready for more games. 
For the mechanics of the game, all they have to do is say “happy birthday,” followed by the name of the birthday celebrant, and hold it for as long as they can. Whoever has the longest time wins. It’s pretty simple, and anyone can play it! Just make sure you prepare your timer. 

Ball Pit 

Younger kids or toddlers are very active kids. They prefer playing outdoors. And with that, a ball pit will definitely be a showstopper. So the next time your kid celebrates his birthday, you can just hold it at home and set up a big ball pit! Just fill up an inflatable pool with plastic balls, which you can get at your nearest toy stores. 

Stop Dance Party

The fun thing about kid’s birthday parties is that everyone is not a party pooper. When it’s time to party and have fun, everybody is done for it. So when you blast their favorite songs, you can expect the kids to be hitting the dancefloor with the trendiest and coolest dance moves. 
And with that, get those confident and competitive kids on the dance floor for a crazy stop dance party! The mechanics of the game are pretty easy. When you hit play, the kids need to dance, and when you hit pause, and the music stops, the kids should also freeze. Anyone who moves or flinches gets eliminated. 
It’s a very cool game. Plus, it won’t cost you anything! All you have to do is plug in your phone to the speakers and blast the latest hip song that the kids like. 

Scavenger Hunt 

If you have younger guests, a scavenger hunt is also a fun game to play. You can leave out clues or trails or a treasure map that would lead them to the treasure. 
Just make sure that the kids don’t wander off far away. If you are holding the birthday party in your background, make sure they stay within the premises. Let them know which areas are not included in the game. It would be easier to group the kids and have an adult supervise per group. 
For the winning team, you can fill a makeshift treasure chest with goodies, chocolates, toys, and candies.

Musical Chairs

The mechanics of the musical chairs is similar to the stop dance. It’s a fun game, and kids will definitely be on the edge as they try to win the game. The only thing you need are chairs, and make sure that the number of chairs you have is one less than the number of kids participating in the game. So if you eight participants, prepare seven chairs in a circular manner. The kids will have to dance and walk around the chairs while the music is playing. And when you hit stop, they should sit on the chairs. Whoever ends up without a seat gets eliminated. Repeat the process until there is a winner. It’s a fun game, and it will make everyone excited!

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