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12 Easy Birthday Snacks to Prepare for Kids Part [1]

By: :LiYu Zhang 0 comments
12 Easy Birthday Snacks to Prepare for Kids Part [1]

If there’s a kid’s birthday party, then we know it’s all about fun, games, and scrumptious food. And if you want to host an unforgettable birthday party that will be talked about by your kid’s friends, then you have to up your game. Sure, you can always invest in the theme and a showstopping cake and exciting parlor games. But by 

Here are some few nifty tricks you can try when preparing the snacks for your kid’s birthday party. 

Use colors and shapes.

Here’s the tricky part about hosting a kid’s party: kids are picky eaters. And it’s quite a hassle to get them to eat. 

But since it’s a party, try to make the food appear fun and enticing. For pastries and cupcakes, you can use birthday-themed wrappers. You can even fold your napkins into fun shapes. 

Ask parents if the kids have allergies. 

For the best birthday party, you may want to dodge any accidents or injuries. As a parent yourself, it is important that you exercise a certain degree of diligence to ensure both the safety and fun of the kids who will be joining the party. 

Ask parents if their kids have specific allergies. Take note if they are allergic to certain foods such as nuts, eggs, or seafood. Look for alternatives that will be enjoyed by every kid at the party. 

Opt for finger food instead of serving full meals.

This is a crafty trick that will save you lots when preparing for your kid’s birthday parties. Since most of the party guests are younger children, you may want to serve finger food and snacks instead of full meals. They are more active and excited and prefer playing games. So when they eat, they would rather munch on delicious food that would keep them energized for the next set of games. 

However, if there would be adults and parents coming over as well, make sure that you prepare a special menu for them. You can serve food that is heavier on the tummy for adults and parents. It will also help if you have a guest list prepared to keep count of how much you should prepare. By doing that, you can also wisely budget your finances. 

Birthday snacks to prepare for kids

Now that you know the tricks and tips of planning and choosing the snacks you can prepare, here are some ideas that you can try out. They’re easy to make and don’t require much time, effort, and money to prepare! Plus, kids will love it! 

Fruits and cheese skewers 

Fun, colorful, and healthy fruits and cheese skewers will surely be a hit to the birthday party guests. Also, it’s very easy to do! All you have to do is cut your fruits and cheese into cubes and skew them into a stick. Just make sure to remove the pointy end of the skewer to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Vegetable platter 

Who said kids hate veggies? With the right color and presentation, the vegetable platter will be a hit among the kids. You can also step up your game by cutting the veggies into fun shapes and sizes. You can also make your own dips for a tastier munch. 

Chocolate-dipped pretzels 

Chocolatey, crunchy, and colorful, these chocolate-dipped pretzel wands are sure to be the crowd’s favorite. All you need are pretzel sticks, melted chocolate, and lots and lots of toppings. You can choose from M&M’s, colored sprinkles, and almonds. 


For go-to birthday snacks, don’t forget to serve sliders and sandwiches. Kids love silly shapes and sizes. Serving mini hamburger sliders will surely appeal to them. You can also be creative with the patties, as you may sneak in some veggies like carrots. The sliders can be quite a hit at your party, so make sure you prepare enough for the party. 


These sweet and light fried pastry snacks with a dash of cinnamon are sure to win the hearts of the young kids, especially when you serve it with a variety of dips. But you can never go wrong with the classic chocolate dip. You can also serve caramel, white chocolate, or peanut butter dips to give kids choices.

Hot chocolate bar

A hot chocolate bar will definitely blow the kids away! Sure, the cake is the star of the party, but when you set up a hot chocolate bar, you can expect kids will line up for a warm cup. It’s pretty easy to do. All you need is a long table and fill it with chocolatey snacks. Fill bowls with graham crackers, marshmallows, brownies, pastries, and even a chocolate fondue! 

A hot chocolate bar is best enjoyed during colder seasons. And when you one up, make sure that there are enough adults to supervise the bar. 

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