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As a mom, making sure that our kids possess the tools they need to reach their dreams when they grow up is not an easy task and surely not cheap. Imagine the time and money you have to devote just to make sure they are getting the right self development and mental attitude.

That’s exactly why we created a program for kids to get the benefits of extracurricular activities safely and without breaking the bank. KidzillaFun makes sure that you get the confidence and control over everything that you do as a parent. 

Welcome to KidzillaFun!

Kidzillafun brings you a way to keep your kids engaged with fun and enriching online activities led by our passionate teachers from the comfort of your home.

Our virtual programs strive to enhance your child’s social skills and learning development by taking part in all of our engaging interactive activities. They all get the chance to play, learn and burn with no more than 12 children each class.

Our instructors are experienced professionals with innate passion in educating students at their early development stage. Plus, all of our educators are child-at-heart making it easy for them to connect with your kids.

You’ll never have to juggle it all on your busy days again. Focus on the things you need to do while being certain that your child’s learning developments are well taken care of.

Discover ways to develop your child's cognitive learning, explore fun and safe learning experiences, and a more balanced time for yourself and the kids.

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Online Program

KidzillaFun’s interactive virtual classes and after-school hours programs for kids provide fun and engaging online learning activities from home. We have a variety of enrichment programs such as Ballet and Modern Dancing, Crafts & Arts, Science & Experiment, Mandarin & French, Karate & Yoga, and Lego classes!

Karate Superhero time

• Improve your kids physical and mental health.

• Build self-esteem and strengthen your kid's self-confidence
• Improve your kid's academic performance by raising his/her level of energy, focus and concentration.

• Learn and master self-defense techniques in a fun way! 

Ballerina time

• Improve your kid's coordination and flexibility.

• Your kid can gain better posture.

• Improves your kid's energy, strength, and endurance.

• She can learn a sense of calm and cognitive development.

• Other benefits are weight loss and body image. 

Mommy and Baby Yoga

• Great bonding experience with your baby

• Helps aid in digestion for your baby

• This class can help your baby sleep better.

• Makes your baby happy through repetitive and soothing motions. 

Crafty and Artsy time

• Makes your kid express positive emotions.

• Make your kid be more creative, productive, and think critically.

• Helps your kid improve coordination and fine motor skills.

• Your kid will learn to be more aware of themselves and others. 

Sing along with me

• A great chance to spend quality time with your child.

• Develop your child's confidence and talent.

• This can improve your kid’s communication and social skills.

• Singing improves respiratory and cardiac functioning.

Kids yoga

• Yoga helps your kid strengthens the mind-body connection.

• It helps your kid manage anxiety.

• Helps improve your kid’s emotional regulation.

•Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity of your child. 


• Improve your child’s problem solving, mathematics and spatial awareness.

• Helps your kid develop creativity,
experimentation, and fine motor skills.

• Give your kid the mind to persevere and manage frustrations.

•Above all, Lego gives a sense of accomplishment. 

French Play And Sing Along

• Let your kid learn and sing the best and famous song in French!

• Your kid can learn French language in very entertaining ways.

• This class gets your kid amused with other languages.

• Help your kid develop hearing and interpretation of sounds and symbols. 

Funtastic P.E

• Helps your kid have an active and healthy lifestyle.

• Your kid will develop healthy bones, muscles, and joints.

• Physical activities give your kid a better posture and flexibility.

• Regular exercises give better emotional strength. 

Story Time (English)

• Enriches your child’s vocabulary and language development.

• Stories enhance your child’s imagination and creativity.

• Give your kid an outlet for empathy and enhance emotional intelligence.

•Encourage kids to read independently. 

Experiments And Science Fun

• This class is great introduction for your kid to science.

•It will absolutely help your kid to be a team player.

•Nothing will ever intrigue your child's curiosity than science experiments.

•Improve your child's cognitive learning and critical things.

•Explore their five sense with an inquisitive mind. 

Playdate time (French)

• This virtual playdate will improve your child’s social skills.

• Your kid can get to know new peers or better yet, a new friend!

• Your child will have the opportunity to act accordingly to different social situations.

• As with other classes, your kid can meet new friends. 

Kids will never get bored again. You can maximize their excess energies productively.
With less tantrum moments and more of “me time” on your busy days. 



•  Maximum of 6 Classes per Week 
•  Valid for 1 Month 
•  Choose from 13 Fun Learning Sessions


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•  Maximum of 3 Classes per Week 
•  Valid for 1 Month
•  Choose from 13 Fun Learning Sessions






•  Single Class dor 1 Student
•  Valid for 1 Month
•  Choose from 13 Fun Learning Sessions



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